The physicians dental insurance for seniors

 Someone asked: Shouldn’t it be cheaper to bargain with the dentist?

Physicians dental insurance for seniors The dentist said: No one likes customers who are desperately bargaining, not to mention that dentistry is a professional career, and it is ok to explain your actual financial affordability to the dentist.

If you cut the price too much, the dentist may choose a low-end repair method, and you will not get the most suitable treatment or materials. Physicians dental insurance for seniors  someone asked: people with insurance and no insurance, the price is not the same, why?

The dentist said: Most of the insurance patients are in accordance with the Suggested Fee Guide, which is set by the insurance company.

At the expense of patients, different clinics will have different degrees of discount. On the one hand, they consider the actual economic problems of some patients, and more importantly, they are caused by market competition.

To put it bluntly: the dentist charges a lot, and the patients ran away; but the fees are too low, the price war is extremely irresponsible and unprofessional, and the health service industry and other service industries are the same.

 someone asked: Looking for an advertisement to find a dentist, reliable?


The dentist said: Advertising is a commercial act. It can’t completely replace the level of dentists. There are rhetoric of art processing in advertisements.

Those with many titles and famous schools may not be good at craftsmanship; some netizens’ review is “water army”? It’s still not pleasant to have a dentist, and it’s hard to judge the truth.

How to do? First wash your teeth, touch the bottom, talk to the dentist to see if it suits your appetite.