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The soft  dental insurance texas  tissues fabulous and you can create a temporary tooth on that at that first visit and yeah dental insurance texas .

dental insurance texas
dental insurance texas

my special it’s magical here out with that lady again look at the difference wonderful wonderful buckle view a little bit of gum recession here but look at.

This we’re talking about years or so so it’s it’s wonderful it’s a wonderful technique this is her little thank you can’t this is to remind you you have a very grateful happy patient yes again to you and your team Margaret so wonderful for.

Me she is blessed so this was recorded just shortly before unfortunately we lost her unfortunately before she passed away last year in I was wearing a potential which I did not like I came to talk to him who said that I could have these mini implants property .

I did so thank you thank you mine what a delightful lady it’s sad that our patients don’t live with us forever but it was wonderful to take care of her during those years now as,

I mentioned we all have patients who can benefit from this or treatments so the first step I’m going to encourage you to take is to apply to attend my next two-day mini implants seminar which .

Will be held in Sydney it carries save your date points for them continuing professional development points so I do encourage you to to go to .

these websites that will give you in a moment I’ll go back for seconds you’re not distracted I encourage you to go to the website that I’ll give you in a moment so you can read the further information more information about the seminar .

that I’m I’d like to invite you to but I do want to stress that I want you to get the maximum benefit from this and with that I will go to this slide and I should I’ll tell you what I mean by it by this we’ve all been to seminars just that just didn’t read our expectations and I really don’t want this to be a waste of time nor an unnecessary expense