How To Make Your Best Dental Insurance Look Amazing In 5 Days

We want to know which carriers can help generate Best Dental Insurance new patients but also pay have decent fee schedules and have a lot of business in that area with the employer groups around that dental practice so that’s part of the the research aspect before we actually do the credentialing we our goal is to try to match a particular provider with insurance networks that make sense  for that practice so that’s kind of some of the initial parts of what we do the actual credentialing piece is you know just like in anything is there’s an application process that each carrier has you know they ask for your you know educational background they do you know to get a lot of more personal information from their questionnaire copies of certain licenses.

No practice license all that kind of verification process that needs to take place and a lot of paperwork that goes involved in that and a lot of communication that goes along with that with the carriers we do that on behalf of dentist and we’ve got it down to a pretty nice science now as far as what information we gather and preparing that that dentist for a smooth credentialing process so what happens is from a time frame after we’ve actually collected all the information that each and each carrier wants and we’ve gotten a good good feel for what each carrier wants nowadays once we submit the paperwork or the credentialing paperwork on behalf the dentist to a carrier a individual dentist should expect roughly about a to day process for that application to take effect.

One in particular Delta is a little bit longer than most Delta is closer to about but generally just assume the process is going to take to days and when we’re engaged on behalf of a dentist we get calls periodically what’s going on what’s going on well we understand they’re anxious but the reality is we’re dealing with insurance companies that don’t have the fastest processors in the world and really don’t have as much staff as we all think they do they do get backed up extensively certain times of the year but allow a good to days in that process from start to finish.