how to buy Dental Insurance Michigan

Dental Insurance Michigan monkey media and we’re going to be doing a video today for Dennis and so we’re going to be talking about some things for Dennis what you should be looking at as far as search engine visibility I’m consumers use search and it’s just going to  Dental Insurance Michigan be a nice informative little video and hopefully you’re going to get some

Dental Insurance Michigan
Dental Insurance Michigan

great tips from for marketing your dental practice ok so Who am I my name is Micah el Delta again with crazy monkey media and basically I’ve been on marketing my entire life in one form or anoter as you can see from this list but the last years I’ve been doing internet marketing for business exclusively andh so we’re and optimization of

digital media marketing company with you’ll not only within us but with attorneys lots of professional service types take companies and so you know we’ve been doing this a long time so what we want to discuss today is actually marketing for dental practice so this is an SEO and internet marketing study for jenis so let’s begin by making sure

we’re all on the same page there are only three ways to grow your practice number one acquired in patients number to get patients to come in more frequently or number three raise prices on your service and obviously most people choose to acquire new patients most dentists are seeing their patients every six months anyway and you’re in a

competitive environment most people are most dentists don’t want to raise their prices so it boils down to getting more people through the door and you need a successful marketing strategy to do that number one high visibility people find you wherever they go look right you’re visible everywhere you’re high authority you’re an expert in your

niche or field okay so you’ve got a great reputation alright you have reviews online that people look at you’ve got a high s