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Best dental plans The starting point of business planning is the choice of the business model of the future clinic. The chosen model and the developed  Best dental plans business plan of the dental clinic determines the procedure for making all decisions of the clinic organization.

Do not think that if you open an abstractly “good” clinic, it will be profitable. It is necessary to accurately represent in which market niche the clinic will work, exactly how you will advertise it, how you will set the price for your services, and on what exactly you will make a profit.

As a rule, when choosing a business model, two main mistakes are allowed.

If the clinic plans to open a dentist, then it focuses exclusively on the details of the treatment process. The issues of marketing, recruitment of personnel, automation of the clinic, bookkeeping remain behind the scenes. As a result, patients do not come to the best clinic, and the best doctors are idle without work.

If an entrepreneur-dermatologist opens the clinic, he sends the head physician all the problems associated with the treatment process, including a list of services and pricing. However, it is prices and services that directly depend on the business model. If the pricing principles do not correspond to the chosen market niche, then even if there is a queue of patients, the clinic will not pay for itself.


 Best dental plans
Best dental plans

The higher the price of services, the more critical is acquired by the range of services and the level of service. The task of the business owner is to ensure the smooth operation of the clinic, and for this, it is necessary that the flow of patients be constant. What is the use of good doctors and first-class equipment, if they are loaded for a couple of hours a day? Only a continuous flow of patients provides an acceptable level of profit.

For competent management (do not forget about the business plan of dentistry ) you need to distinguish between linear structures and serving. Linear structures are those that directly support the company’s profit. All the others are serving. In the clinic, the elongated structures are reception and treatment rooms.

There is a general rule – to outsource the service structures, that is, to contact third-party firms.

The business model treats the clinic not so much as a medical institution but as a commercial enterprise. You paint all the channels of the arrival of money and all avenues of spending money. If you miss out on any cost element, then the clinic will go bankrupt very quickly (do not forget about the economy – after all, one of the most frequent questions isdental office or clinic “), so do not hurry at this stage dental plans.