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The humana dental poor kids right it’s nice and the sugary drinks and they also have in those same states those poorest states in the humana dental that are heavily fluoridated they also have the highest attention .

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The loss of teeth and and that’s because some studies are just coming out now that fluoride is interfering with the inflammatory cascade and may cause more inflammation in the gums and cause more periodontitis and gingivitis

Which causes a lot of problems and then that affects the heart can affect everything in the body weight so the fluoride it’s on its way out folks it’s more and more studies coming out so why should we put it back in caring and spend all

The money and then it’s on the way out and you know five years you know hopefully it doesn’t go there but then you know then five years from now they’re gonna go whoops yeah whoops and everybody’s bought all their filters for the Domesday and and .

That we’re just going to take it out I’m just a comment on these all these expert panels and all these reports that are supporting Florida like the Australian report from that Health Canada report the Cabot report that just came out here recently in February.

This report that’s coming from the O’Brien Institute to City Council is just going to be a condensation of the Cabot’s report which is a not a government organization it’s an arm’s-length organization and it’s done by pro fluoridation Asst so if.

I did a cabinet report or if my anti fluoridation or safe water colleagues the experts of theron toxicology and research did a cat a -quart it would say fluoride is done it’s the end ruin you know we’re never going to put this in anybody’s

Water ever again the Cabot’s report that we’re gonna see is done by pro fluoridation Asst and it is totally biased and it’s highly flawed and that’s going to be the essence of the report that goes to the Kaveri Council in June what I just

Wanted to share that some people are saying thank you for sharing getting information like the NF it is great to be educated to learn this and so that people can make an informed decision about what type of opinion they can share with Council so.

Thank you for doing this thank you and so any any closing comments or remarks things that you’d like to leave with people talked about sure fluoride and particularly