Dental insurance california | physicians mutual dental insurance

Dental insurance California | physicians mutual dental insurance

Dental insurance California kits today but we getting something  wrong with them next week that instrument might be in there but  probably not so I’m not sure what’s in that cuz Dental insurance California that um so yeah that’s just my  opinion on this product I hope you guys enjoyed this video if you like oh don’t forget to subscribe comment all  that good stuff and I’ll see you guys in.

much for allowing me to speak to you today about dentistry and oral hygiene  and everything that goes along with this so a little bit about my brother introduced me already Mohammed the dealers of my name I studied at the  Wayne State University for my undergrad initially and then went on to the Dental insurance University of Detroit Mercy for my dental 

degree so dentist most people don’t like us we understand so why do we have to go to the dentist then the biggest reason usually is what something hurts pain there’s a big hole in your tooth and what happens you have to come to see this so that’s one reason what’s another  reason sometimes maybe some bad breath or something doesn’t feel right .

your teeth feel loose why does that happen to one of the things that happens is we get what we call gingivitis we’ve all heard that word before right gingivitis  how does that happen what happens to the body rate a problem happens so is anybody here eat food okay okay – brother take fluid very good I do – what happened when we eat food we chew it

and we swallow of course everything goes to our stomach but some remnants get left  behind and the example I was like to give is what happens when you touch wood and you get a splinter in your arm and you don’t remove that splinter well the tissue or the skin around that spinor starts to get irritated it turns red and blood pools in that area

and to try to  push that splinter outright so what if you don’t remove that spinner well the area gets redder it becomes more irritated in a mimic hers and that’s kind of like gingivitis and that’s after you eat we thought there it’s something stuck so what do we do with that spinner we pull  it out what happens to the area the area starts to bleed

but it’s it’s it’s a good blood consent bad blood that’s been pooled there it’s finally been released Dental insurance California and the healing process can begin so gingivitis that inflammation of the gums can be corrected off by brushing right that’s what it that’s the reason  we have to brush our teeth because we eat for now since most of your on eating food I guess you don’t have to brush that off of it that’s great but for