Teeth Whitening | Full cover dental insurance

Teeth Whitening | Full cover dental insurance

  •  ye went all around the world to   cultures and he studied Teeth Whitening between the modern  and the traditional diet so he found.
  • the cultures that we had we’re living on the  traditional means and also we’re living close by to people that had access to modern foods.
Teeth Whitening
Teeth Whitening
  • like refined sugars flours  and vegetable oils and so what he did is he he compared the dental health of both of these populations.

in all of these places took photographs looked at the  ancestral records and he he showed that in every time when the Monte .

  • diet intercepts that’s when Monte dental disease appeared and this is in the so we’re only talking about not a less than years ago.
  • if you look at prices work you you know quick Google search will show all these faces in black and white photos and you see these amazing.
  • wide dental arches now when I saw that  my mind said you know that doesn’t happen I don’t see that in practice today developed.

Into watches like that anymore and so I thought this must be you

  • outdated but I realized them that there is something missing here and the price was speaking about something vitally.
  • vitally important and that all the sudden they don’t woke me and we are  in an epidemic of quickly teeth and malocclusion .
  • and so the orthodontist today you know four million kids have braces in the u.s. no one that has tried to find out why .

That is and so all we’re doing is straightening teeth without  

  • trying to find the cause of this and we’ve walked it herself.
  • into a intracranial structure that is not developing more and this is what price was talking about it’s I think it’s one of.
  • the most important health books that has been completely misunderstood anew  and you know you’ve really helped to bring his work to a better understanding but .
  • I think the problem was is that the dental industry really has